The building for The Distillery North Apartments is the most environmentally sustainable building of its size in the Boston area, distinguishing itself in several ways. It meets Passive House criteria, which is the most thermally advanced building method currently in existence. Passive House, originating in Europe, far exceeds U.S. Energy Star and LEED requirements, using 95% less energy for heating and cooling than ordinary new buildings. Distillery North's environmental features include a rooftop garden, photovoltaic panels, and sustainable transportation amenities including electric vehicle charging stations, carshare spaces, and carpooling.

We built The Distillery North Apartments to prove that an extraordinarily efficient and luxurious building could be built at roughly the same cost as an ordinary new building. Without drafts, temperature gradients, or excessive dryness and humidity, it is more comfortable than other buildings. It is shielded from outside sound by extra insulation and triple paned openable windows, making it noticeably quieter than other buildings. It is measurably healthier too, with advanced air filtration that removes hazardous particulates from city air. It is our hope that this building serves as a model for urban development that is environmentally and socially responsible, culturally vibrant, and absolutely feasible.

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